UBO Register: New mandatory disclosure requirements for Belgian companies

A law of 18 September 2017 provides for the creation of a centralized register of ultimate beneficial owners (‘UBO’) in Belgium. The royal decree determining the operating procedures of this register was enacted on 30 July 2018 and all Belgian companies are legally required to register information about their ultimate beneficial owners before 30 November […]

UBO disclosure obligations in Luxembourg

On 1st March 2019 a law dated 13 January 2019 implementing new disclosure obligations in relation to ultimate beneficial owners (“UBO’s”) of legal entities has come into force in Luxembourg. Through this law and in accordance with EU legislation, Luxembourg has created a national register for UBO’s entailing mandatory duties and obligations for any legal […]

Amendment to the legislation on investment services and investment firms

Belgian law distinguishes between two categories of investment firms: brokerage companies; and portfolio management and investment advisory companies. “Brokerage companies” are authorized to provide the full range of investment services and to carry out all investment activities provided for by law and the MiFID Directive. Their prudential supervision is carried out by the NBB, which […]

Buying a business: asset deal or share deal?

When buying a business, is it preferable to acquire the assets of the target company (i.e. its business, in whole or in part) or the company itself (i.e. buying the majority or all its shares)? The practitioners’ jargon distinguishes between an asset deal and a share deal. Special attention should be paid as the consequences […]